The concept for Detroit Shrimp began in 2013 as part of a sustainable aquaculture research project in the University of Michigan’s department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Drawing on inspiration from other midwestern shrimp farmers, the abundance of vacant homes in Detroit, and the entrepreneurial grow-it-yourself Detroit spirit, a pilot project of a small-scale sustainable shrimp farm began in Detroit’s North End in May 2014. The project is funded through the University of Michigan’s Dow Distinguished Awards for Interdisciplinary Sustainability.


The farm is run by Lizzie Grobbel, a master’s student in Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan.



Photo credit: Clive Waldron

The project advisors are Lut Raskin, professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan and Jim Diana, Director of Michigan Sea Grant and professor in the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan.


Many thanks to Darin McLeskey for providing the real estate for the farm, the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative for encouragement and lending equipment, and Motor City Brewing Works for providing brewer’s grist as a sustainable supplemental feed alternative to conventional shrimp food.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Is the brewer’s grist a natural byproduct of the beer brewing process? Would any byproducts of local restaurants also be helpful? Perhaps we could exchange our food for your locally grown shrimp.
    Best Regards,
    Chef Nina

  2. PLEASE give me an e-mail notice when our little friends are ready for further scrutiny ,ie. hot oil ! I would like to commend you on your attempt to try a new industry for our area and it is truly inovative I must say. I am interested in the process and expenditure of this enterprise.

  3. I think it’s great finding other options for Detroit’s land. There’s a company in Lansing shrimp farming that sale
    their products out of a store front. Keep up the good work.

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