The shrimp are growing…

…Some more than others! This is the largest shrimp in the current crop, weighing in near 6 grams. We’ll have to invest in a larger net in order to handle her, as she jumped ten inches out of the water and out of the tank when approached with a net today. She landed on the tank lid, as pictured below.




7 thoughts on “The shrimp are growing…

  1. Hey Ms. Gobbel, I heard of someone in the Grand Rapids area doing it in his basement. Would like to try something like this !! Wishing you much success !!
    Martin Crutchfield

  2. How are you filtering the water to remove excess phosphates from waste? If this is anything like shrimp in saltwater aquariums this was always the challenge. Also are the shrimp territorial? Do you have them compartmentalized?

    • Hi Alex,

      Thank you for your questions. I am filtering the water to remove ammonia and nitrite. Based on my review of the literature, phosphate removal is not typically an issue with saltwater shrimp compared to the importance of nitrogen management. They have not been territorial so far, but I only have 20 per tank, which is a low density.


  3. Raised Crayfish indoors a few years ago, was far more profit in raising them for pets vs food. I raised self cloning crayfish as well as red claws. Also currently running an outdoor aquaponic system, I raised tilapia for a few years in that, again more profit selling breeding stock vs food. Very cool what you guys are doing down there. I have looked at freshwater shrimp before but always figured salt would be trickier.

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